Making Up is Hard to Do

scared woman -6

For many women the simple idea of skin care and make up is utterly frightening and overwhelming.  It’s like walking into a gym for the first time, you look at all the equipment and think to yourself “I have no fucking idea what I am doing”  “where do I even begin?” “God I would kill to look like her…but look at me, I can never be her”  WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!


Summer Time Beauty Tricks

make up pile-1We all know summer can be challenging for make up right??  Go too heavy on a hot humid day and its literally running down your face and you look like the joker.  Nevermind chasing my 5 year old son around outside.  I love the summer because a little tan can change your entire look an cut your prep time down dramatically . Especially if your a pale face like me.


Let’s be Honest | Before and AfterThe idea for this blog came from wanting to have an honest forum around all things beauty both externally (cosmetics and skin care) and internally excercise, diet and mental state. The truth is, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it is interpreted by each of us differently. (more…)