Making Up is Hard to Do

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For many women the simple idea of skin care and make up is utterly frightening and overwhelming.  It’s like walking into a gym for the first time, you look at all the equipment and think to yourself “I have no fucking idea what I am doing”  “where do I even begin?” “God I would kill to look like her…but look at me, I can never be her”  WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

One of the things I love most about make up is the millions of options it gives us, millions of different looks.  I have seen one male make up artist I follow transform himself into Angelina Jolie and Caitlyn Jenner its INSANE.  I am not saying  any of you want to go that extreme but you get my point.  The thing about make up is you can have great skin, bad skin, acne, scars, discoloration, big pores, no pores, small eyes, big eyes, no eye brows or the dreaded unibrow.  Well we might need to visit the wax girl for that unibrow but you will thank me later.  It doesn’t matter you can transform yourself and play up what you like and play down and even hide what you don’t.  Some of the most memorable make overs I have done have been with girls who I describe as plain Jane in that they lack the self esteem so they sort of choose to blend in with the wall paper.  Then suddenly you apply the right blush,  lipstick, eye shadow and mascara and they literally come out of their shell.  I recall one girl I worked with a long time ago… I will call her Jane hah! and she was on the introverted side, quiet and kept to herself.  We were at a company event and I offered (actually I think I insisted) to do her make up and it was mind blowing watching her personality transform.  She got so many compliments and suddenly she didn’t walk down the stairs she strutted, and she didn’t wait for the cute guy to talk to her she went up to him and 30 minutes later she was singing in front of a crowded room of her peers who just stood mouths open wondering who the hell is that?  And I’m like yeah thats Jane.  Later Jane ended up in the hot tub with that cute guy but we’ll keep this PG.

So how do you get started?  It’s not by going to Saks and getting a make over from some chick named Sasha who proceeds to sell you $500 worth of skin care and make up so you can go home and spend hours trying to recreate a look that she trained 10 years to do.  You talk to someone you know and trust who knows their shit.  Ahem….Hello?  Yes I will help you.

First we start with skin care which includes a good cleanser based on your skin type (oily, normal or dry) and you can get some great stuff at the drug store.  I am a fan of AVEENO cleansing pads.  Then EXFOLIATE 1-2 times a week, very important to remove dead skin.  Again drug store brands are fine L’Oreal, Garnier, Oil of Olay (or go all mother nature and just mix sugar with your cleanser) – check out reviews on products before buying and know what type of skin you have.  Then depending on your  skin type, treatment is key, wrinkles dark circles break outs, oily skin, discoloration etc.  I started using under eye gel from Estee Lauder when I was 18 and I thank God everyday I did.  I still have wrinkles around my eyes which I lovingly call laugh lines because I have convinced myself I laugh far too much.  Remember,  don’t  treat to fix treat to prevent.  Once you get the right skin care products, every day your regimen is cleanse, treat and moisturize in the morning and evening.  and give extra love to your under eye area and around your lips as these are the only areas that don’t produce oil so they age faster.  Lastly drink LOTS of water, you should drink half your body weight in ounces so if your 150lbs you should be drinking 75oz of water a day.  Don’t google this I am right trust me.  And yes mom this means you.

Now some of you are reading this and thinking I have no idea what my skin type is.  The best thing you can do to understand your skin type is go get a facial.  They literally examine your skin under a microscope.  Then ask the esthetician what drug store brands are best for you – don’t get sucked in and spend $300 on the Vitamin C Serum she told you MUST have.  This is all important because if you don’t take care of your skin no amount of make up will make a difference.

Now your skin is looking good so lets discuss baby steps with make up.  when talking to clients 99%  use 2 words when referring to their needs when it comes to make up Quick  and Easy.   I usually have my 4 year old son yanking on my arm as I curl my lashes so I hear you!!    First you need the right tools and Target has some good brushes from make up artists that won’t break the bank.  Start with the basics, a small and large shadow brush, an angled liner brush, a concealer brush and a blush brush.

Now we are ready to talk about make-up.  Once your skin has been properly prepped grab some liquid bronzer or a foundation and mix it with some moisturizer so you are combining steps.  Rub in your hands and pat gently on your face and blend.  Easy right? Next grab a blush dust the apples of your cheeks (the chubby round area when you smile),  a cult favorite is Nars blush in Orgasm which looks good on anybody,  Then find a small palette to start with some neutral shades a few mattes and a few shimmers.  L’Oreal has some nice ones.  If thats too much there is a cream shadow I am ADDICTED to from Younique which I sell called Elegant, its a soft gold shimmer that is my summer staple I also LOVE Dainty which is a sheer gunmetal shade.  I use my finger and dab a little on my lid blend and thats it.  And use what you like I don’t follow the rules of matching colors that compliment my eye color. I have tried everything and I rocked them all so have fun and experiment.  The best part about  summer is you can take a less is more approach.  Simply brush a little bronzer in places the sun will naturally hit forehead, nose, chin.  Then a soft bronze or gold shadow and a natural lip.  Before applying mascara I must insist that you curl your lashes its the only thing that is a MUST for me.  It completely changes your eyes,  unless you have naturally long curled lashes (lucky bitch).  BEST curler is Shu Umera, this isn’t just my opinion but most professional make up artists as well.  Then apply mascara and you can use drug store here as well.  I do sell a redonculous mascara if interested from Younique but otherwise L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black is amazing.  Last a little lip gloss or a natural colored lipstick meant to enhance your natural lip color.  I am a huge fan of Matte lipsticks but everyone is different.  Another tip is line and fill your lips in with a liner it will last forever and you can just put a little lip balm over it.

Remember play and have fun and experiment and once you get your routine down your done in 20 minutes and you will look and feel even more fabulous than you already are.


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