Kristi Alves - Make Up ArtistKristi grew up in Westford MA and now resides in Hoboken NJ with her husband of 12 years and their 5 year old son.  While she works in social media her heart has and will always be with all things beauty.  Her love affair with make up was passed on from her mother who wouldn’t dare get the mail without putting a coat of her favorite Lancome wine colored lipstick on.  According to Kristi.  “It took her from maam to glam. “you never know when your going to run into someone you know” she would say.  Man was she right. There is nothing worse than running into a friend you haven’t seen in years while your running into CVS in sweats and Ugg boots with merlot stained teeth from the night before, eye crusties, pale face and a knot in your hair.”Kristi with her mom

It was really when her mom renovated the bathroom in their house back in the 80’s that it all began.  It was the first “woman cave”.   Two sinks, drawers full of eye liner, blush, lipstick, eye shadow and she played and played.  The bluer the shadow the better.

She moved to NYC in 1994 and read, observed studied and experimented with make up.  It became a hobby with most of her experience in doing her own make up and friends and family members and it was clear her passion was also her talent.  She has since taken professional classes and has launched her site and blog.  Her personality and approach are fresh, light, free and full of humor.  When asked what she would be if she knew she wouldn’t fail…

a stand up comedian, I just love making people laugh and feel good

That is her vision for this site and blog so we hope you enjoy it and laugh along the way.